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Business Witness Cards

Using Business Witness Cards is a unique and effective way to reach hundreds of people—one at a time—with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. For example, leave a "Thank You for Your Friendly Service" card with your tip at a restaurant, and give one graciously to anyone who has been helpful to you. Give other suitable cards to friends and contacts as suitable opportunities arise. Each card has the Internet address of a specially designed website with practical articles to help improve the quality of everyday living—emotionally, relationally and spiritually—and how to discover God without having to be religious—all without charge.

Click HERE for a listing of all available witness cards showing both the front and back of each card, with a special message on the back to address the felt needs and interests of the recipient.

FREE SHIPPING/POSTAGE for the U.S.A. For other countries we will notify you of the postage before processing your order.

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