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Words of Inspiration ... Words of Love

Friendship Directions Choice


Whether by
strange coincidence
or divine guidance
in the course of our life
we cross paths with
many people.

Some move towards us,
others move away.
Some we choose to remember,
others to forget.

But with a special few
we seem to have no choice,
for each has made an impact
on the other, and their
memory will live on forever.

These people we call friends.
You, to me, are such a one.

– Dick Innes
   © Copyright



My life is like a sailing ship
depending on the winds
to take me where I want to go,
sometimes the winds
are in my favor.
Other times they're not.
And when the gales
of adversity blow
the winds I can't control,
but the set of the sails I can—
for that, and not the
direction of the wind,
is what takes me where
I dream and plan to go.

– Dick Innes
   © Copyright


As the twig was bent
my life was shaped
for better or for worse,
that's what I am
and that was chance,
in that I had no
choice at all.
But what I do
about my past and
what I now become
is not so much
what others did,
but with God's help
is what I choose to be.

– Dick Innes
   © Copyright


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Hide and Seek Life Love


Sometimes it seems that life
makes little or no sense
as we wander blind
searching for a ray of light
to lead us to the truth
or to a God who isn't there.
But if we will stand still and
listen with our heart we will
hear a rustling in the leaves,
feel the brush of angel's wings,
and sense the presence of a loving
Father playing hide-and-seek,
waiting patiently —
wanting us to find him.
– Dick Innes
   © Copyright


I love the gift
of life, dear God,
with all its
beauty everywhere:
Blue skies,
white fluffy clouds,
green trees,
open meadows,
beautiful flowers,
all creatures
great and small,
majestic mountains,
the restless timeless sea —
But most of all
I love dear friends,
and if you will,
please give to me
a greater love for You —
my dearest Friend of all.

– Dick Innes
   © Copyright

Love Is

Love, like a tree,
sends its roots down deep
so when the storms of life abound
and the winds of adversity blow,
it shakes and bends
and goes with the flow
but doesn't break or fall.
And during times of drought
it drives its roots down deeper
so whatever comes and goes –
summer, winter, spring or fall,
the good times and the bad –
it stands the test of all.

– Dick Innes
   © Copyright

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Thank you God for the pain
that, like rain,
when filtered through sunshine
paints a rainbow
giving life a touch of beauty,
while reminding me of your promise
that you would never again
destroy mankind through a flood.

And that I need to remember
because sometimes
I feel overwhelmed
by floods which threaten
to engulf me and destroy me,
and leave me sore afraid
when my cries for help
seem lost in the storm.

And then behind me
where I couldn't see
I turn and see a rainbow
adding a touch of beauty to my life
and then I see even if I don't understand
that as rainbows are painted by raindrops
so faith, hope, and love
are somehow all painted by pain.

– Dick Innes
   © Copyright


Words spoken
may soon pass away
and forgotten be,
But when spoken
in love and kindness,
are like beautiful flowers,
and even though
they fade and die
from conscious memory,
their fragrance lives on
embedded in the
deeper mind –

– Dick Innes
    © Copyright

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